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Today I am pleased to announce that Dr. Steve Lawson will be speaking at the G3 Conference January 24-26 of 2013.  We are still putting the final pieces together, but as you can imagine, Dr. Lawson’s involvement will add to the level of intensity of the conference.  Dr. Lawson is known as an expositor, but he is also a serious minded, clear thinking, theologically astute pastor.  Read the following taken from his ministry website – New Reformation:

He has contributed to John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology, work celebrating the 500 year anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. He is the Series Editor for A Long Line of Godly Men Profile, a series of biographies of noted Christian leaders.

Dr. Lawson has also authored Famine in the Land: A Passionate Call to Expository Preaching, Made In Our Image, Absolutely Sure, The Legacy, and Faith Under Fire. His books have been translated into various languages around the world, including Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Albanian, Korean, Dutch, and the Indonesian language.

He has contributed several articles to Bibliotheca Sacra, The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, The Faith and Mission, Decision Magazine, and Discipleship Magazine, among other journals and magazines.

Dr. Lawson’s pulpit ministry takes him around the world, preaching in such places as Russia, the Ukraine, Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy and many conferences in the United States, including The Shepherd’s Conference and the Resolved Conference at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, the Ligonier National and Pastor’s Conference, and the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology.

He is president of New Reformation, a ministry designed to bring about biblical reformation in the church today. He serves on the Executive Board of The Master’s Seminary and College and is a Teaching Fellow with Ligonier Ministries and a Visiting Professor at the Ligonier Academy, teaching Expository Preaching and Evangelism and Missions in the Doctor of Ministry program.

Dr. Lawson taught in the Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series at The Master’s Seminary, lecturing in 2004 on “Expository Preaching of the Psalms.” He also serves on the Advisory Council for Samara Center for Biblical Training, Samara, Russia.

Dr. Lawson will be preaching two messages and sitting on the lunch panel on Friday for the Q&A session.  Dr. Lawson will be preaching on the following topics:

Main Session #2  - Why Preach the Intolerant Message of the Exclusive Gospel?

Main Session #4 - The Preaching of John Calvin and What We Can Learn

Although registration is not yet open, go ahead and spread the word about the G3 Conference and we will be announcing great early bird registration options soon!

The G3 Team

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  1. Biblical Preaching -Haddon RobinsonThis approach has radlacliy transformed how I preach and my effectiveness. The greatest help for me has been the notion that every sermon should have ONLY ONE Big Idea anchored in the text. It should be clear, concise, and 15 word or less. The sermon should seek to either explain it, prove it, or apply it. Anything that doesn’t move the sermon farther along to explain, prove, or apply the Big Idea must be saved for another day. (just because it’s a powerful truth, funny story, or amazing illustration, if it doesn’t drive toward the Big Idea it will only distract from the Big Idea )

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