ASL for the G3

Today we are happy to announce that Chuck Snyder with Deaf Reformed Ministries will be on campus to sign through ASL for the G3 Conference sessions.  This is a very exciting opportunity for us to expand our conference to reach out to the Deaf community as a whole.  Chuck has graciously agreed to come and offer his experienced services and we are praying that the G3 Conference will have a tremendous impact upon the Deaf community for God’s glory.

We are offering a $40 discount to anyone in the Deaf community by entering ASL at checkout.  Please help us spread the word about this opportunity to the Deaf community and pray with us that this conference will have a dramatic impact upon our neighborhoods and the nations for the glory of King Jesus!

Remember – no matter what – once the final 400 seats are filled – we will be forced to close the registration immediately.  So, please register as soon as possible to secure your seat for the G3!


In Christ,

Pastor Josh Buice

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